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Summarize a lot of Emotions in Just One Word: Damn. For a word with only four letters, "Damn" certainly carries a variety of meanings. You use it out of dismay

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Summarize a lot of Emotions in Just One Word: Damn. For a word with only four letters, “Damn” certainly carries a variety of meanings. You use it out of dismay when your favorite team loses. You use it when you’re impressed by something someone did. You use it when you want to give someone a verbal middle finger. “Damn” may only be one syllable long, but proper use of the word has become an art form. But what if you can’t quite capture “Damn” the way you intended? The Damn! Button is a hilarious gag gift that will deliver tons of smiles, laughs, and even some stress relief to everyone who receives this gem of a gift! With ten different phrases ranging from “Day-um,” to a singing “Damn, damn, damn, damn,” you can rest assured knowing that this talking button will provide you with the “damn” you’ve been hunting for. Brought to you by the same people who concocted the “Blah!” and “That’s Bullshit,” buttons, this funny practical joke lets the good times roll over and over again. Totally battery operated, the Damn! Button was produced under strict regulations, ensuring durability and high quality sound effects. With a bright red top and flashing lights, no one will be able to ignore this great piece of office humor. If someone tries to tell you the phrases are rude, push the button to show you don’t give a damn! Why the Damn! Button? • This funny office gift makes a great icebreaker, conversation piece, crowd pleaser, tension reliever, and mood enhancer. Lighten up those awkward moments with a toy that tells it like it is. • With ten different expressions in a variety of voices, you won’t get tired of this talking desk paperweight. • It’s the perfect way for adults to have a little fun time while the kids are outside playing. Inventory on the Damn! Button is limited, so order soon! Purchase the Damn! Button now and start telling people what’s really on your mind!
Hysterical: Did you just spill coffee on your white shirt? What do you say when you see something you just can’t believe? With the Damn! Button you’ll never be lost for words again. Simply press the button and give your listeners a “Damn!”
Ideal Gag Gift: Perfect for a variety of occasions including the office, pranks, stocking stuffers, college dorm rooms, coworkers, or even the kitchen table! Give it to the person you know who needs a laugh the most.
Ten Damn! Phrases: For a word with so many meanings, it’s great to finally be able to say them all with just one push of a button. From “Damn, yo,” as an expression of awe to a stuttering “Damn!” you’ll be sure to have the perfect line for any situation.
High Quality: Manufactured under strict standards, the well-constructed Damn! Button promises durability, clear audio, and a hilarious desk toy in one! With flashing lights and bright red top, it’ll be the funny gift that’s impossible to ignore.
Battery Operated: The button is battery operated. Simply press the top to play to the funny phrases and see the flashing lights.

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