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Friends Drinking Game

February 19, 2017 / no comments, on Drinking Games

Thinking about plans for the weekend? Think no more! You can curl up under a blanket with your best friends, your dog, your significant other, or yourself and dig into some drinking fun with the best Friends drinking game.

Friends drinking game

Let’s warm up with and old-but-gold show. Who doesn’t love these funny characters and their interpretation on life?

Drink x1

Every time any character makes fun of Ross’ 3 divorces.

Take a shot
If someone makes fun of Chandler’s name (Chandler himself included).

Drink x2
When Phoebe does something weird.

Take a shot
Every time Joey says “How you doin?”

Take a shot
If Rachel gossips.

Drink x2
Every time you see Monica cleaning.

Finish your drink anytime

They look at the ugly naked guy